The CCSU prescribed curriculum is the common denominator or the base line requirement. Faculty members add value and raise the level of the course in numerous ways.

The objective of Enrichment and Empowerment cell at Vinayak Vidyapeeth is to enrich students to become professionally competent and socially sensitive citizens with the ability to explore their imminent potential in all aspects. To train them to acquire extensive range of skills and knowledge and to develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and prosperity of mankind.

Vinayak Vidyapeeth is driven by its mission to provide a liberal space to students to enable them to think critically, reflect deeply and engage positively with their peers. Students are given exposure through seminar and workshops to a wide range of viewpoints and thereby an opportunity to hone critical thinking skills.

Many Courses in the college are characterized by being interdisciplinary. There is intense give and take between all departments. Disciplines come together in a variety of ways to open new frontiers of study and thought. A broad range of activities of each department is channelized towards launching students on successful career paths. The faculty also empower themselves to serve this purpose better through networking with potential employers. The Training and Placement cell plays a critical role in this process.

Add-on skill development courses and enrichment activities also introduce the students to the skills expected by potential employers. The college understands that in the knowledge-based society, the workplace of the future will be quite different from what is imagined by most students and their families.Enrichment activities give students experience of new ways of approaching the subject, and engage with contemporary challenges.

A few examples illustrate the essential approach followed by the departments in enriching and enhancing the curriculum.

Major Events:

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