Director's Message

Er. Vikas Kumar is Professor in the department of Computer Science & Engineering. He has having more than 8 years of experience in the teaching & Administration. His research area of expertise involves data structure, digital electronic and database management system. He always attempts to provide student friendly environment in the campus.

Discipline is a way of being sincere, diligent, strict follower of rules and social norms. Disciplined student is a ruler of his own. Discipline helps in obtaining higher goals and it is important in everyone's life. It is a way of being sincere, diligent, honest, hardworking, strict followers of rules and social norms. It is my strong belief that the rule breakers must be identified and counselled for improving their behavior in future for putting them on the right path. Discipline makes students perfect to overcomes future challenges. It is one of the most valuable assets of every student. Students who are not disciplined, they should be taught and discouraged to be indiscipline. Therefore, I accept that discipline plays a great role in the life of a student.

Er. Vikas Kumar